Saturday, 26 July 2014

These... are going to be 4inch figures.

They're two ups, blown up to show off the glory of these sculpts from photographs taken from at SDCC 2014.

4H is said to be aiming for a Kickstarter in Jan/Feb (they've got to get those excellent 6inch Gothitropolis battle birds they kickstarter, I think at the end of last year. Those look gorgeous).

Anyway, here 4H's Mythic Legions:

Between these and Boss Fight's figures I back, I'm pretty well covered for fantasy figures.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Project Orc: Topless Orcs talk about their Lives.

Time to start showing my Orc project:

It's going to be a long road...

The idea is to use a bunch of MU base bodies that are painted up in whatever skin tone I want the orc to be and then apply a bunch of modular chest, arm and leg add ons cast in resins (of some sort) as well as custom head sculpts also cast for mass production.

The chest and belt areas are going to be modular so I can mix and match them for variety.

These will work with soft good furs and tabards etc.

Oh and scribbles that I did before starting that are the basis of this project:

Not like I'm setting lofty goals or anthing...


Saturday, 19 July 2014

FANTASY CUSTOM: Unnamed(for now) Female Hero/Aventurer.

I finally got round to completing the first half of this Duo seen in this post.

She's made up from MU Electra and X-23 parts, modified and hand painted. The hEad is Retaliation Lady-Jaye, the main belt is Black Series Mara Jade's with some brown Flex Rex for sword storage. 

Her sword is one of many I have from the Army of Darkness line while the dagger and sheath is an 11 Hour addition taken from one of the hobbit Dwarf 2-packs. Her Lower tabard is White cloth painted like the torso with GW Enchanted Blue, creased then glued on.

his figure is the first time I've used a Flesh pigment Primer from the Army painter series, damn good sprays.

Saturday, 12 July 2014


I did my part, now the wait comes, but man it's gonna be worth it. It's the start of something beautiful.


Thursday, 3 July 2014


Oh what a glorious week this is, I received my Walking with Dinosaurs 3D Ulitmate Gorgon toy from the UK this week. Still haven't seen the film, might buy the blu-ray if they're smart and have a voiceless audio track (still boggles the mind they gave them voices).

His big and articulated, like above and beyond any regular dinosaur toy (Revoltech T-Rex might beat him but that's a small figure sadly).

Head, neck, shoulders, hips, knees ankles and tail. All there and most are Ball or universal joints. It's the dream come to life.

Here it is with a 4inch ROC Gi joe figure, Helix. So yeah, this is pretty close to most smaller Tyrannosaurid family types, mainly the Tarbosaurus.

Now you might have to use some wide sellotape on the hips (they pop out easily if pulled, same with the head, neck and tail) to strengthen them as the body has electronics that I shall see about removing.

But all in all, a supremely satisfying toy that was a must have for me.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Late June, see you soon.

Quick post time, just a silly picture and the ever excellent TF:Prime Vehicons.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Transform all over the place.

Oh yeah, a 4th film is out later this month, has dinobots and what not. Sadly the Cyberverse has been reduced to repaints (though one comes with a BW basic Terrosaur repaint of all things, flip changer ftw).

I broke down and imported the Japanese version of Generations Waspinator, he's freaking good. Those colours are spot on.

Seriously glad to see Beast Wars figures appearing again, have a Rhinox and Rattrap en-route so stay tuned jerks.

If you haven't got a Waspinator, import this version, so nice. DO IT.

Oh Cyberjets, you are the bee's (not that Bee) knees. And this G2 deluxe Dreadwing who is a repaint with a new head of IDW Stealth Bomber Megatron in those 1994 colours. Glorious, and lets face it: those Cyberjets are perfect toys, they could be remade for Cyberverse or those Legend's two packs and all they need is heel Spurs.

I also picked up this Beast Hunters Prowl, a minor retool of Smokescreen. Not a bad deluxe and my first Beast Hunters mainline figure. His head sculpt is excellente too. Shame about the roof and bonnet kibble on his arms (fake robot mode chest). Still no regrets and yeah that head sculpt is fun.

Oddly I've never taken photos of this duo, they combine into an ice cream truck in the 2nd film before getting their own individual alt modes. Love'em or hate'em (they're not characters you're meant to take seriously) I love this truck mode and the 2 bots are goofy and adorable.

Anyway, that's it for this post so have some sexy Z-Bots, the only set I had, Robertcop, Not2D2 and Elephant-209.